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New White Raku Tea Bowl - Chawan on

--I'm in the re-writing process of my thesis in an MFA program in Professional Screenwriting.

--I was recently hired at a local college to teach a few ceramics courses, and have enjoyed working with students again. I think I will expose them to Raku, so look for some black raku in the future.

--a funny marketing experiment I did on Etsy gets picked up on Businessinsider.com

--I have been getting more and more into grinding or blending my own matcha from leaves (I cheat and use a Vita Mix) and enjoying some whisked, blended, or shaken-up matcha. I've also been experimenting with making my own herbal matchas and blending these with green tea matcha. There is something about mixing up your own and enjoying the raw and freshness of it. Try spearmint leaves, rose hips, and hibiscus equal parts with some lemon. Great stuff.

New Work

This new body of work represents my desire to discover what I could do with my injury and find again what I enjoyed about clay and the working process.  With four children, we also have to eat, a lot!

Revisiting the original impetus of my work, I fell in love with shino all over again.  There are combinations that I've never attempted before:  multiple shinos, in some cases, slips, different kinds of ash, ash from my anagama, and a very wabi sabi/abstract expressionist approach in how I "painted" on the surface with the glazes.  You will not find any two works alike.

I dealt with a lot of physical pain making this work as my neck pain affected my shoulder, back and inflammation--and this is apparent in the form and feeling of this body of work.  I lost many weeks of frustrating work where I could barely hold my arm up, and so I continued working on my screenplays. 

This body of work, about 100 pieces, started in January and ended in May.  I was disappointed I was not able to explore more--but what I did, I am very very pleased with and have accepted that as we age with injuries, we learn to work, think and feel differently--and that also should be revealed in the work. 

There was major development in the forms, covered jars and even the tea bowls, revisiting some working processes at the very beginning of my making pots and taking a very detached but concentrated focus on the feeling and emotion of the pieces.  I returned to what I would describe as "solid simplicity" with just enough jazz mixed with some hard broad and even tearing brush strokes--apparent in the cutting and faceting of the tea jars, tea bowls, and vases.

I think you will very much enjoy this body of work.  Thank you for taking the time to review my work.  Enjoy and if you have any questions, would like to purchase work, please contact me.





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